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Zrzutka app

UX Design, UI Design 



Date: Jan 2017 – March 2018
System: iOS
Methodology: Agile
Tools: Axure, Photoshop, Trello, Google spredsheets, pencil and paper

Primary this project was a part of another one (chceck out ING Mobile app redesign). The part of a banking app was a feature that allows to share payments between friends and collect money for many purposes like a collective gift for somebody or a party. I realised then that this functionality itself could be a great app.


Every person who likes to go out with a group of friends know how diffictult collecting money can be when the moment of payment comes. Zrzutka app is design to help with that. You can collect money for any purpose from all of your friends no matter if they have an accounts in the same bank or if they don’t have any account at all.

What problems did I solve?

  • There is always a problem when it comes to collecting money from a group of people, somebody doesn’t have the exact amount of money and there is a problem to change the money, somebody want’s to pay today, other person tomorrow. In fact, being a cashier in most cases really sucks. The app helps to create quick platform for everybody to see with clear information and avaiable 24/7.
  • Sometimes it can be hard to keep truck on who paid the money and who didn’t or paid a part of the whole. The app is a full documentation and also can give you a notification every time somebody gives you a money.
  • The app has a feature to send reminders to all the people who didn’t pay at once.
  • It doesn’t matter in which bank your friends have their accounts. The moment they pay, you have the money so you don’t need to worry about paying for other person.

Is there anything like that?

It turned out that there was actually an app like this called (sic!) but I decided to continue this project as an exercise. is more about raising money for a bigger purpose. My Zrzutka was more about collecting money for personal purposes between friends.

Who wants that thing?

Me. That is for sure. I like to going out with freinds and have a lot of shared expances like gifts, journeys, concerts, etc. So I asked my friends and they also said yes to that idea. My parents on the other hand not so much. So I started to dig deeper into that and created two personas. So, please, meet Ania and Wojtek.


23 years old student. She works in a coffe shop and have a scholarship. She loves to go out with her friends and be active in her life.

She needs an app to:

  • be fast – after getting a shared bill in a bar or restaurant there is not much time to collect the money.
  • calculate how much the people need to pay – who has time to divide a bill with a calculator?
  • sociable – it should be easy to share the information about a whip-round with friends, ideally with all of them at the same time


33 years old accountant. He works in a corpo so after work he like to do something more exciting. He has a wife and a 1 year old son, his two simbling have their families so there is always a party to attend and a gift to plan. He is really close with his family and friends so all of them like to do things together.

He needs app to:

  • be safe – nobody needs to worry about a money especially if some of the money isn’t his, the app should work similar to a banking app.
  • be flexible – sometimes there are changes during collecting money (somebody bought a gift already or changed his plans and is free for a group party).
  • give a simple solution for money transfering – after collecting the money it should be pretty easy to transfer it to his banking account.


I didn’t want to make it too complicated. Iw all was about creating an easy and intuitive tool for shared payments. That is why the amount of features weren’t super big and also why UI is simple.


  • creating a whip-round
  • duplicating or redoing a whip-round
  • adding/ deleting a person from a whip-round
  • adding/ changing a dead line
  • adding/ changing a full amount or an amount per person
  • adding/ changing a description
  • sharing information about the whip-round to all/ filtered/ selected friends
  • transfering money to a chosen bank account
  • settingswhich allows to choose when friends getting information (for example: when they paid, when the whip-out is finished, when a whip-out is deleted)


  • when somebody makes a payment
  • when somebody left a whip-round
  • when X days left till the end of the whip-round
  • when all the money is collected


I really wanted it be as easy as possible. So my goal was to make all main functions avaiable within 3-4 steps and main processes linear. Also many of all used fields were optional to fill, for example user doesn’t have to fill all the fields at once when creating a new whip-round. He can think about all those details in the future. Or never. He doesn’t even have to set a final date when the whip-round is over.

Can you see it now?

Before even starting with Axure I made a lot of sketches. It was a very creative process during which I could iterate fast and see many different possibilities. I made my sketches on a real dimension iPhone outline drawn on a paper. It was a logical thing to do because it gave me a real feel of the shape and size of an app interface.

The results

Main objectives for this project was to learn the agile process in practise and create banking app which would be modern, easy to use and make user feels like it is not necessary a tool provided by bank but more like a handy assistant for money management.

Login and dashboard

Single whip-round dashboard

Transfering collected money:

Creating a new whip-round: