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SPEED no limits in the digital era

UI Design, UX Design 



Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress


Sometimes you start an awesome project that you enjoy so much that you could do it for free. That is a case with that one.

The project was about creating a cover for a book “SPEED. no limits in a digital era” and a webiste which would be a tool to promote and sell the book.

I consider this project as one of the coolest I ever started because it was all about new technologies which I loved.


The idea

The book should be an insight into the future, showing the opportunities and direction for people who are ready to create tomorrow. It shouldn’t be pessimistic, it should give hope.


They say don’t judge a book by its cover. But as a cover is the first thing we see before buying the book it is widely important to make it right, to give it a meaning. I really wanted to understand the approach of the author so I could work on the right

White background was used as a symbol of the future which isn’t written yet. Everyone can shape it if there is a will to do it.

Each letter of SPEED is bold because all of those components are important for the future. Then every letter has it’s own color and an image composed into it which represents a given chapter. E. g. purple is for security because it means confidentiality of your data (purple is a color of secret) but it is not a security represented by a locker. Security in SPEED means that you can freely use all the benefits of technology, it doesn’t limit you in any way. That is why instead of locker I’ve chosen a pattern which shows conscious data flow. And so on.

All the charts prepared for the book are made as a simple representation of some ideas. The biggest challenge were schemes illustrating the author’s original ideas. I needed to really understand what he tried to say and make it something reader could understand. Main color for each scheme was the same as a color of the chapter (letter in SPEED acronym).



Webiste for the book is a place where all the most important information about it can be found. It consists author’s bio as well as introduction to each chapter, news and of course option to buy the book.

I used full screen blocks to present chapters on the homepage. Each one is a separate story but all of them are important. Then you can navigate to a chapter page, where there is an intro quote, the same which was used in the book. The text is a summary of a given chapter. I’ve used some futuristic illustrations to break long text blocks.

Gradient used in a background has its own meaning too. We go from dark to light because the future shouldn’t scare us, it should be seen as a time of possibilities.