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Lukomski Law

UI Design, Visual Design, UX strategy



Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress
visual identification
corporate materials
UX strategy
web design
marketing materials
coordinating the implementation of advertising materials and boards

It was a long-term collaboration during which I created visual strategy as a part of marketing strategy developed with


Creating the legend

This can happen maybe once in a thousand cases. Rather less often. You meet a client who not only has full confidence in the marketing team but is also not afraid of bold and decisive solutions.

It just happened to me. I was a part of the team responsible for creating the entire marketing strategy (including visual and UX design) for a lawyer dealing mainly with divorce law.

Before you start to be super optimistic, stop for a second. Starting this collaboration wasn’t easy at first. The client wasn’t somebody who would tell you directly what he wants or needs. But over time we were able to understand who his target clients were and how to create a legend around him.

The target group

Our target were people with money, who likes the money and are ready to fight for their money. The main thing for them would be to trust in the result. They don’t think about the methods. It’s the effect they are all about. They want to have awesome car, awesome wife (maybe that is why they divorce a current one so they can change her for a better model). They want to have an awesome badass lawyer, too. Sounds, like you don’t like this description? Well, let me tell you that it worked like a charm.

The strategy

We created a profile of a secret agent kind of a lawyer. The lawyer who can solve problems. The lawyer who has contacts, conections and methods which you may not hear about but they give you results.

Everything was created in a dark misteriuous scenery, where we convince people that the man knows his job. In adition to a new website we created series of facebook posts with infographics, informations and tips for potential clients. Then we created some exclusive souvenirs for the best clients – elegant heavy pens with golden graver. Even case folders and envelops were created in the same style so everything you could experience was that you are in a very special space.



First feedback was very bad. Some lawyer from the bar created a blog post about the new website saying it wasn’t ethical. Many advocates were disgusted because it wasn’t like it should be. But we decided to wait. And after a while clients started to call, many of them with the idea that they don’t want any other lawyer. It worked! 

Of course the legend we created was an exaggerated image of our client. But thanks to this it was bold enough for users to see it, remember it and trust it.