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ING mobile app redesign





Date: Nov 2017 – March 2018
System: Android
Methodology: Agile
Tools: Axure, Photoshop, Trello, Google spredsheets, pencil and paper


The project was a part of Tech Leaders mentoring program  (3rd edition) in which I had the opportunity to work with experienced UX designer and learn the agile methodology in practise during few months.



According to studies, in the end of 2017 over 9 mln people in Poland used mobile banking apps. It was about 2 mln more than in 2016.

I reviewed and graded the most popular banking apps in Poland against design and usability criteria including: information architecture, interaction design and visual design.

What if there is a more profficient way to use your bank account?

For this project I chose Moje ING mobile app, used by Polish customers of ING Bank. The bank is one of the biggest in Poland but at the time when the project began Moje ING was rated to 3,7 on a 5-pointed scale (GooglePlay rating).

What if somebody does it better?

Usability of the banking app is one of the most important factors clients take into account when choosing their bank. Finding out what are pain points, underestanding user needs and analyzing simillar solutions were focal points for the research process.

Current state analysis

A big part of the process was analyzing app’s reviews, as well as  interviews with some users and testing it by myself.

Competitor analysis

Other banking apps were analyzed in a similar way as ING app.


There were two type of benchmarks: first were competitor’s apps with the best user ratings, second – apps chosen through the research as an examples of good usability practice, excellent solutions to a common problems and clever implementations of material design rules.

What if we know who is the user and what he wants?

There are some obvious features that banking app must have, but there are many more that some users would love to see in the app.


Personas were based on an information provided by bank about customers segmentation. I determined the biggest groups of clients and get to know them.

User stories

Each type of users has a slightly different idea about how a given feauture should work. User stories helped me to understand what those features were for.

What if the banking app could be your banking assistant?

The future of banking service is digitalization. We use paper money less and less every year, we have not so much time but expect more and better. The idea behind the project was to create the app which can make your financial decisions as easy as taking a money from your purse. And even more than that. Making spendings more comfortable and enjoyable. The app should give you certainty that you using it right and be flexible enough to suit your personal needs.

Architecture and naming

The greatest challenge here was to make the architecture smaller and then… even smaller. Some names were changed in a card sorting method or according to standards.

User flows

To check if the most important actions were easy to take and if they are available from many places user could start his journey I created user flows to make UX smooth.

User flows

To check if the most important actions were easy to take and if they are available from many places user could start his journey I created user flows to make UX smooth.

What if the first, second, tenth idea isn’t the best?

I did some preliminary validation on the Lo-Fi UI sketches and used the feedback to refine my sketches and narrow down my solutions for the Hi-Fi mockups.


I used a lot of paper during creating first sketches and tried to draw any idea I could think of, then mixed them and made adjustments.


I started to create wireframes only after making a lot of sketches and analyzing many possible solutions. Keeping the main ING colors I wanted to create clean and simple interfaces in line with material design rules.

The results

Main objectives for this project was to learn the agile process in practise and create banking app which would be modern, easy to use and make user feels like it is not necessary a tool provided by bank but more like a handy assistant for money management.

Current activation process:

New activation process:

Current login process:

New login options:


With smaller and simpler architecture it was possible to make the most important features avaiable directly from the dashboard. User can choose features he uses often and make them a part of the bottom navigation.

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