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Design of the frame for holographic pyramid by the rapid prototyping method

 Diploma thesis for meterial engineering studies at AGH University of Science and Technology




Date: Sep 2016 – Jan 2017
Promoter: Dr. Paweł Leszek Żak
Tools: AutoCAD, Tinkercad, UP!3D – operating system for UP!3D printer


The purpose of the work was to design a holographic pyramid frame using the rapid prototyping technique which is the FDM method. A frame is a part of the projector in which the screen of a smartphone is used as a display. In addition, the work involved getting acquainted with the most-known RP methods and learning the principles of holographic projectors currently used.


Contemporary intensive development of technology enables the use of a new presntation methods, i.a. so called holographic projection. This kind of exposition uses the refraction of light phenomenon to create the illusion of three – dimensional image.

The aim of this study was to design a simple system to perform quasi holographic projection in particular the framework for the pyramid projector made by rapid prototyping method. FDM was selected for this study from many available incremental techniques. The system relies on creating an object by depositing melted thermoactive material (in this case ABS) on the substrate.

A part of  the work was to design using CAD software, a virtual model of the frame divided into smaller elements possible to be printed and their reproduction by the printer UP! 3D. The usefulness of individual parts was evaluated and after obtaining the optimal prints, the prototype of the frame was made.

In addition the thesis includes a description of the process of computer – aided design (CAD) and the principles of the proper file preperation dedicated to 3D printers. Moreover the study contains an overview of  the most popular RP methods. Also discusses the physical basics of creating holographic projection and predictions related to the development of this technique.

The project made in Tinkercad software

UP!3D Printer while working

Ready part of the frame

Holographic pyramide

Projection system