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Balance Sport

UI Design




Date: Nov 2017 – Feb 2018
CMS: WordPress
Tools: Axure, Photoshop, Trello, Google spredsheets, pencil and paper


The main focus of the sports activities offered by Balance Sport is to promote active lifestyle to kids and teenagers. The website should reflect the nature of the business.


Over 20 years ago a group of gymnastics trainers and employees of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow founded the association UKS “Korona” Krakow which today operates under the name Balance Sport.

The new brand needed a new website which could adress young people and their parents.

Starting point

The website needed a new cotext and a new context. The starting point here was to determine to who Balance Sport wants to adress their offer.

The main group here are parents, people beetween 25-40 years old and in addition to that their kids, who also may see the website.


As a parent you want to have what best for your kid and you want to be sure that your kid is save. That leads us to two core feelings that we want to aweken in users which are quality and trust.

To build trust we need to introduce Balance Sport as a company which has a lot of experience gained during 20 years of being in business. We want to introduce the team showing who exactly takes care of the kids. We want a transparency which means no hidden costs and rules, everything should be easy to find and undrestand. And we need presence by showing new activites on a daily basis.

Showing the quality on the other hand means explaining why this choice is the best that a parent can make. Which comes down to showing Balance Sport as a proffesional, modern and successful company.


  • The website has to contain clear informations about many locations and schedule of classes available in a given place.
  • It must have a contact form and a registration form for classes.
  • There have to be a place to show a new events with different categories and a place to add relations and photos from past events.
  • All types of classes have to be explained.
  • There must be an information about the company, its mission and a team.
  • There should be links to social media and downloadable materials.
  • The website has to be cheerful and energetic.


How to present in a comprehensible way a complicated schedule of various activities organized in different places and at different times?

How to make a comfortable navigation allowing access a key content from any place on the site?

How to keep a cheerful and at the same time professional character of the website?

How to get an understandable menu division and how to name secions?

How to present a contact information depending on a branch which parents and their children want to talk to?