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Jolanta Marczewska


UX | UI | Branding | Illustration

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Design isn’t one person’s job. It means I need to have everybody interested in the project on board to make it happend. 

I follow 6 steps rule and though I don’t believe in ideal textbook processes and in perfect designs, I know that in every situation there is a way to create something valuable. 

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6 steps to design


1. Define

I can’t find the right way until I am clear where I want to go. I need to understand everything I can about the project.

2. Discover

I collect information about the project, find inspirations,  references, benchmarks and ideas.

3. Analyze

I study what I know so I can start to understand how all the data may impact the design.


4. Design

I take my preliminary ideas and form multiple design solutions, then I narrow them down and start focusing on specific ones.

5. Learn

I evaluate by testing with the users, gathering feedback and learning about pain points of the solution.

6. Improve

I decide what can and should be corrected. I go thrugh the next cycle of design if needed and make it better.


I do stuff.


User experience through all digital touchpoints, audits, tests, research.


User interfaces, design guidelines for apps, design for print, digital design.


Logos, visual identification, visual strategy, marketing materials.


Vectors, digital painting, drawing, photomanipulation

About me.


I am a designer with several years of experience in small and large companies, as a freelancer, with more and less complex projects for many clients representing different fields. I don’t like to label myself as an experience or visual designer. I’m just a designer. To me that means I find solutions to problems and on the other hand I identify problems for solutions.

I am also an engineer. And I think that helps me a lot in creating useful products that aren’t detached from reality. I like to work fast, verify my ideas quickly and improve them as soon as I am able to recognize their weaknesses.

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When I don’t design I devote myself to my other passions which are dancing and practicing yoga. Whenever I have the opportunity I travel. The further, the better. I love reading books, looking at the clouds and following technological innovations.

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