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Hi, my name is Jolanta Marczewska

I am a designer.

What can I do?


Graphic design, web design, print design, outsourcing

User experience

Websites, apps, user interfaces, audits and test


Vectors, digital painting, drawing, photomanipulation

About me

Trust me. I am an engineer. But have artistic side too. I went into design because it made possible to fulfill both my creative and technical aspirations. I am interested in things. That is what I believe make me really open-minded.

Through over 5 years experience I’ve learned that the most important factor in all visual elements is a clear communication. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about simple infographic, logo, picture, website or app. It must be enjoyable to use (says my scientific side) but also enjoyable to watch (says my artistic side). I want to create awesome experience for users and therefore make their life easier, more beautiful, better.

When I don’t design I love to travel, read books and practice yoga. And design more just because it happened to be one of my favorites things to do.

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